Copper alloys have a number of good properties that favor them in a variety of applications. The most common copper alloy is brass, which is a blend of copper and zinc. Copper alloys can be hot or cold forged. These alloys are easily forgeable in many cases and can be machined to final specifications.. -


Pure copper forging has the best electrical and thermal conductivity of any commercial metal. Today, over half of the copper forgings are used in electrical and electronic applications and this leads to a convenient classification of the types of copper into electrical (high conductivity) and non-electrical (engineering).



Micon Forge and Flange is one of the leading forging suppliers of copper forged products in Southern Africa and Africa supplying into the following fields


Electronic components, including connectors

Power plant applications

Refrigeration equipment applications

Pump and valve components for high wear and corrosive environments

Seals and gaskets for high wear, high temperature and corrosive environments

Fittings for high temperature equipment

Electrical assemblies, including connectors, fittings and caps

End rings